A Pause for Thought

Why is it that I always seem to have something to say, except when I decide to put some of my thoughts into my blog. Perhaps it is a bit like homework. No matter how interesting something is, under the guise of homework, it is always boring. Yet, put something under the “should not do” and it immediately becomes interesting.

So, why do I never seem to have anything to write. Well, I think it is all about knowing I can write whatever I want, and whenever I want, so it loses my interest to actually type it out. The other bit is that perhaps I do not think passionately enough about my beliefs or perhaps my ideas are just not well thought through that I cannot put them down in a word format (by that I mean actually words and not word for windows!).

Besides which unless I can compile my thoughts well, how can I impress you?

But bear with me, and watch this space. I promise I will give you some good food for thought eventually. Honestly!

Penny for my thoughts!

I wanted to write a blog on my opinions about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles getting married. Except, when trying to jot down my feelings I realised that sometimes I need to think things more thoroughly. I mean, I am all for their getting married… but the reasons that I am for it is far more complex. I am sure that with time I will get to explain myself and my views on royalty but meanwhile let’s just say that I am all for their getting married.

Congratulations to Charles & Camilla.

Introduction & My Terms

I have decided to keep a journal of sorts. It is far from a standard diary or journal even as all it will contain will be my moans, groans & opinions. Obviously in my view, politicians should take note and start making changes. Sadly, as my opinions are rather controversial, I have decided to use a Nom de Plume. This will hopefully prevent future repercussions and offer me some protection. Of course, I am aware of “freedom of speech” but I do not truly believe that it exists. I have never been a person to hold back what I am thinking, but when growing up, I quickly learnt that keeping your mouth shut is the best thing all round, almost consequent free.

Naturally, everything builds up and I just need to vent it all out. I could write in a journal or diary but then no-one would get to read it and see how I feel or even make a difference at all in the world we live in. Although, I would like to make a difference I do realise this is not possible until people start thinking & having their own (TRUE) opinions.

By my lamenting I do not wish to inflict my opinion on others, I prefer debate as it is how opinions evolve, but I merely wish to give food for thought. As Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”. However, in reality, far too many peoples opinion tend to be a result of doing what their parents & educators told them to do & believe, and what their parents’ parents taught them and their parents before etc. And it all started with Religion but that is another topic or several on their own.

Most of my lamenting will be from things I face throughout my life and which naturally irritate me. After all who laments much on the good things? I am aware that as I publish my laments on the internet, it is available for all to see, and so if you feel that you want me to write about something in particular sign my guest books / comments section, and you never know – I just might.

I would like to point out from the very beginning, so that no say-so comes along in 5 years time and says that it not what you said 5 years earlier, that opinions can change. Opinions are affected by us (our personality & characteristics), by our peers, by our lives and incidents which happen. So, YES, my opinions may change with time. It is all about personal self development, which is my original reason for writing this blog. I hope that like me, you too will grow.

Before I sign off from my first lamentation, I must insist that no extract can be taken from my works unless due credit is given to me & my site. It should always stand out either by inverted commas, boldness, italics or larger fonts. If you wish to publish any of my works, you need my express written permission. All of my work is copy written. I would also like to point out that I will in no way be held responsible for actions you may take as a result of reading my works, or incidents which arise as a result of them. If you think that they may affect you life negatively, please do not read any further lamentations.

Please respect my wishes or face my wrath! You have been warned.

Meanwhile, if you decide to keep reading – ENJOY!

A Learning Curve

I wanted a site where I can lament to my heart’s content. This seems perfect, though I will let you know once I have mastered it.

Meanwhile, I have to climb on the learning curve for I am not the best technological person around! That is probably putting it mildly.

So, bear with me while I learn, then I can put this marvellous invention to good use.

So, for argument’s sake…. this was my first log.


P.S. I would like to mention that I intend to use this site to voice some rather controversial views. Therefore, for my own protection, I am using a nom de plume for all my lamentations. My lamentations are entirely my own (unless quoted), and therefore they are under copyright. More on this post script later on in my logs.